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How Hypnotherapy Can Help

Shifting our perspective and ingrained reactions can prove to be a potent catalyst for transformation in our lives.

It is crucial to acknowledge that our convictions serve as our perceptions of reality, and frequently, these very beliefs act as barriers to our happiness and hinder our progress towards achieving our aspirations.

Through the practice of hypnotherapy, we gain the ability to identify and modify not just our thoughts and beliefs, but also our reactions and mindsets that impede our growth and influence our overall physical health and sense of well-being.

Our Treatments

Our experienced team is here to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Through customised sessions, we help you overcome challenges, achieve goals and unlock your full potential. Experience the profound impact of hypnotherapy and create positive, lasting change.

Mental Health

Unleash potential, enhance resilience, and achieve holistic growth. We guide you to unlock hidden strengths and overcome challenges through understanding, reflection, and progress. Explore a wealth of articles on mental health disorders for valuable insights and tailored guidance.


Unleash athletic ability, elevate resilience, and experience comprehensive sports growth. With understanding, reflection, and progress, unlock hidden strengths and triumph over obstacles. Embark on a transformative athletic journey towards exceptional performance and self-discovery.

Smoking Cessation

Break free from the mental burden of smoking and quit for good. Through determination, support, and the right resources, you can embark on a journey towards permanent smoking cessation, reclaiming your freedom and experiencing the countless benefits of a smoke-free life.


Invest in the potential of your team with our corporate hypnotherapy solutions. Elevate performance, manage stress effectively, and foster a dynamic company culture by fine-tuning cognitive flexibility and emotional intelligence.

Evidence Based Treatments

How are our approaches different from other treatment methods?

  • Clinical Testing Framework
  • Psychoanalytic approach
  • Behaviourist principles
  • Effective, sustainable, long-lasting

Misian Maljoku


I am Misian Maljoku, a certified hypnotherapist specialising in evidence-based interventions. With a strong foundation in clinical psychology, neuroscience, neuropsychology, and developmental psychology, I integrate these disciplines to provide effective hypnotherapy treatments.

By combining my academic knowledge and professional experience, I offer a comprehensive understanding of the mind's intricacies. My approach to hypnotherapy is grounded in the latest findings from neuroscience and psychology, empowering individuals to create positive change using scientifically supported techniques.

At Psyche Hypnotherapy, each client receives personalised treatment that draws from my extensive studies and research. Through this transformative journey, we navigate the complex interplay of neuroscience, psychology, and conscious experience to facilitate lasting change.

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